The 11 Celebrities Who Embraced Natural Medicine

Alternative medicines, for example, massages, acupunture, and Echinacea, are accepted by 38% of Americans, as indicated by the National Institutes of Health. So what level of famous people are into measuring and high colonics? Nobody truly knows, yet their decisions interest and impact us. Here are 11 of Hollywood’s hottest who, for better or worse, have embraced natural medicine.

1. Steve Jobs

Even pancreatic cancer is frequently perilous, Jobs really had an uncommon, treatable type of the illness. Be that as it may, the tech visionary, a honing Buddhist and strict veggie lover, persued after natural treatments for nine months previously in the end choosing to take after a more ordinary way. In spite of the fact that he had planned to maintain a strategic distance from an operation, Jobs had surgery in 2004, however by then the cancer had officially spread.

Some have conjectured that had Jobs continued with regular treatment for pancreatic cancer from the begin, he may have won the fight.



2. Oprah Winfrey

The media big shot has drawn feedback for her advancement of unapproved medicines and natural treatments. A few common pharmaceutical defenders have showed up on her TV appear, including Jenny McCarthy.

In spite of the fact that she said in an announcement that she trusts watchers comprehend she is simply showing information and not underwriting natural solution or any of the methodology she has talked about, she has, given the far reaching influence she has on her gathering of people, without a doubt persuaded numerous viewers that these medications can – and do – work.

3. Dr. Oz

Nothing unexpected here, given that Mehmet Oz, MD, was a regular visitor on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The cardiologist-TV Host has incorporated natural medications into his ordinary practice. He has taken flack from the prevailing press for his strategies, yet he says he keeps on utilizing natural treatments both in his training and at home.

He additionally consistently practices Transcendental Meditation (a kind of concentrative meditation where a man concentrates on one sight or sound) and has been doing yoga every day for over 20 years, a habit he calls the most vital health practice I have received.

He prescribes to patients other natural medications, for example, mud showers for individuals with joint pain or other joint issues and aromatherapy based on oils to relief stress and simplicity muscle throbs.

4. Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales was a customary at a natural solution treatment office called Chinese Clinic, as indicated by People magazine. She is said to have partaken in reflexology medications, an incitement of the feet, hands, and ears that expects to affect other, more troublesome parts of the body. A portion of the center’s most famous option medicines included colonic hydrotherapy, electrical incitement of the facial muscles for a moment “lift,” and Australian natural cures.




5. Tom Cruise

In 2005, the performer openly criticized Brooke Shields’ treatment for post birth anxiety after the 2003 birth of her girl. Cruise stood in opposition to the utilization of antidepressants, saying Shields didn’t comprehend “the historical backdrop of psychiatry.”

At the point when Matt Lauer requesting that he clarify on the Today appear, Cruise communicated questions about the presence of gloom, saying, “There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance.”

6. Kate Moss

After recovery from cocaine addiction, her profession hanging in the balance, the supermodel was captured going out with two bandages on her right ear, thought to be covering the characteristics of needle therapy treatment, as BBC saying.

The treatment may decrease withdrawal side effects and even anticipate backslide in individuals who are addictive on drugs.


7. Richard Gere

One of Hollywood’s most acclaimed Buddhists, Gere began meditate at age 24 and keeps on doing as such every day. He revealed to PBS that it’s an imaginative procedure including finding “the space amongst thoughts” and that it’s different every time for him.

The relaxation procedure can facilitate a scope of sicknesses—including chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep deprivation—and it might even enable smokers to stop.



8. Madonna


After that urinating on your feet is a cure for competitor’s foot on The Late Show With David Letterman in 1994, it’s possible that Madonna has credited to some interesting characteristic cures. Today, the buff entertainer is an enthusiast of more standard natural treatments, for example, yoga.



9. Olivia Newton-John

Alongside chemotherapy, the artist and actress utilized corresponding treatments, for example, home grown supplements, acupuncture, meditation, and representation to fight bosom disease. When she was first analyzed in 1992, she even considered doing without chemotherapy totally for homeopathic medications and needle therapy, yet in the end “presence of mind won,” she told CNN.

Keeping up an inspirational mentality all through the experience likewise helped her mend, she said.

10. Suzanne Somers

The actress is no more unusual to natural medications, having refered to unregulated hormone creams, around 60 vitamins and supplements, and estrogen infusions specifically into her vagina as her own fountain of youth.

Yet, after surgery and radiation treatment in 2001, Somers selected a medication produced using mistletoe extract over chemotherapy, and write a book about some physicians.


11. Elle Macpherson

Nicknamed “The Body,” supermodel Macpherson talked with U.K. magazine Fabulous in 2010 about her “Chinese medication point of view” on wellbeing, which she said “advances and keeps up health instead of treats disease.”

She said she has experienced normal needle therapy medicines and seen a specialist who treated a considerable lot of her diseases with home grown cures.

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