Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Most Valuable Beauty Tips

Regardless of your thoughts on Jenner, one thing stays certain: The young lady lives and inhales beauty. Her Snapchat is full of great make up and skincare tips. Each red carpet look is less unsurprising than the last. Her hair has been just about each shade of the rainbow sooner or later. Goodness, and after that there are those amazing sold-out Lip Kits.

She reveals some of her most valuable beauty tips. Keep reading to see what they are.

1. Borrow from the boys.

We’ve certainly vouched for embracing male-equipped items as our own, and Jenner concurs—actually, her go-to primer is this saturating post-shaving balm from Nivea.

2. Mix your foundations.

Adding oil or lotion to your most loved foundation for a faultless looking completion, Jenner prescribes mixing diverse tones (and even unique brands) to locate your ideal shade.

3. Define your arches with concealer.

Jenner is a star with regards to delicate, Instagram-prepared eyebrows, and her mystery to characterizing them just so is running a brush with concealer along the base edge in the wake of filling them in. (Simply ensure you mix well so it doesn’t look excessively brutal.)

4. Blush is basically the most underrated makeup item ever.

Genuine story: Earlier this late spring, Kylie Jenner hit Sephora for a shopping binge and spent upward of $1000 solely on blush. Be that as it may, she’s on to something—while at the same time adding somewhat flush to the face frequently feels like a bit of hindsight, it truly brings a whole look together.

5. Keep evolving.

”I definitely made my lips a little too big at one point,” – Jenner as of late confessed to Allure. The lesson: While having a stunner uniform is extraordinary, it’s constantly vital to gain from your errors and modify your routine as needs be.

6. This is the biggest secret to amazing lips.

Spoiler: It ain’t lip liner. All together for all her Lip Kit shades to look their absolute best, Jenner demands that giving her frown some TLC is central. She peels and hydrates with Mizza’s Lip Luxe, an all-normal lip medicine.

7. Have fun.

Regardless of whether it’s wearing splendid blue lips or swapping out another hair shading for each day of the week, Jenner is as a matter of first importance constantly down to play around with her look. The takeaway? Simply ahead and understand that offbeat hair style, attempt on a realistic eyeliner look, or at last figure out how to do a fishtail twist.


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